Welcome to Zugvogel

The "Berliner Radfahrer Club Zugvogel 1901" is one of the oldest bike clubs in Berlin with long-standing tradition. Despite of his long existence our club always stands for innovation in Cycling. Cyclocross in the 60's, mountainbike in the 90's and bike trial today are some examples for these activities.


Today cycling has a wide range of different competitions, from BMX to stayers at the velodrome. We are fascinated by all these kinds of cycling and (naturally) all these disciplines can be practised by our club members. But on our own club activities we are focused on the following areas: road racing, track cycling (Velodrom), cyclocross and mountainbike


For track-training at the Velodrom and participation in licence-class races an UCI-licence is required. It is for possible for cyclists from foreign countries to get such a licence via our club. These licence is valid for one year. By the way: For C-class amateurs and licenced Masters cyclists (over 40 years old) it is trouble-free possible to take part in the german "Jedermann"-races and fixed gear races.


Our club is also a long-established organizer of cycling races, from cinder track races, road races, cyclocross and mountainbike races up to bike trial in 2017. And if you have any idea for a new bike event, please let us know!

Who we are

More than 115 years of cycling

Founded in 1901 the club history started with long distance races like "Rund um Berlin" (win in 1908) continued with the first Olympic athlete (1928) and german national titles (1970) up to an Olympic silver medal (2000): Our archive

What we offer

This is what to expect

  • The German Sports Identity Card
  • You can get an UCI-Licence
  • Track practise time at Velodrom Berlin
  • Benefits on our partner shops
  • Scope for your own ideas

What's next?

The next cycling events

  • Training race of RCC

    12. April at the Maifeld
  • Lehniner Hasenrasen

    17. April in Lehnin
  • Time Trial with AdW Berlin

    30. April in Groß-Kienitz